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Sioux Falls Carpet Cleaning

We provide carpet cleaning in Sioux Falls and the surrounding area.


How does our carpet care technology work?


We use the Releasit® carpet maintenance system. This allows Kelsey's to offer a unique cleaning system that keeps commercial carpet looking cleaner longer. The Releasit® system implemented by Kelsey's provides superior carpet cleaning and resists resoiling.


Things you should know:


How soil affects carpet:
Most dry soil in a commercial setting can be readily removed by routine dry vacuuming. It’s the oily and sticky soils that attract and hold dry soil to the surface. The result is a dull, gray, and ugly appearance.

Releasit® chemistry cleans better and helps carpet stay clean longer.


As a Sioux Falls carpet cleaning company, we know that the first step in effectively cleaning commercial carpet is to counteract sticky soils. The Releasit® chemistry surrounds each soil particle and crystallizes so it can’t attract other soil. The encapsulated particles release from the fiber and are easily extracted with normal vacuuming. And since there's no dirt attracting residue left behind, the carpet stays clean longer.


We use proven technology within the commercial carpet industry:


This method of cleaning corresponds with the IICRC industry standards set for maintaining commercial carpet. The cleaning concept behind Releasit® was developed after examining maintenance systems recommended by leading carpet manufacturers for their commercial carpets. Releasit® is an amalgam of some of the best ideas in the commercial carpet care industry. The results are fantastic!


Low moisture cleaning is ideal:


The reduced moisture of this unique carpet cleaning process can easily cut drying time by 50% or more. So  your carpet can now be clean, dry and ready for traffic in 2 hours or less.   "The world's available water per capita has decreased by more than one-third since 1970 due to the more than 1.8 billion people added to the planet since then."
– Source: Greenbeat


Kelsey's products are among the safest in the carpet care industry. So you can now experience carpet that is fresh, clean, and healthy every day.


YES, you will love Kelsey's carpet cleaning system!


NO hazardous cleaning agents used, NO unpleasant odor, NO over-wet carpets, NO recurring spill stains,  NO down-time (we work after hours), NO doors left open to facilitate hoses running from a truck, NO dirt attracting residue left behind, NO hassles for your staff, NO risk (your satisfaction is fully guaranteed), NO excuse for living with a dirty carpet any longer!


Releasit® Benefits
1. Carpet fibers are lifted and scrubbed
2. Recurring spill stains corrected
3. Dries in 2 hours or less
4. Residue-release, resists resoiling
5. Looks great, day-in day-out
6. Ecologically sound

Kelseys offers a FREE Inspection.
We will provide you with a FREE audit of your carpet.  A wear analysis will be provided and service recommendations will be offered.   

So if you're tired of carpet cleaning that falls short of your expectations, give us a try. We have been locally owned in Sioux Falls since 1980. We'll provide your business with consistently great looking carpets.


Carpet Maintenance in 5 Steps


Keeping Carpets Looking New, Longer 
As published in BUILDINGS Magazine – November 2002 

tephen Lewis)


graph.gif“Following are five steps every facility manager should follow in identifying the right maintenance crew and protecting their flooring investment.



First is to locate a company that will provide consistent, high-quality service. You should meet with the cleaning crew’s management on a periodic basis to establish a mutual goal-setting process that is planned around a needs-based analysis. If the company is unwilling to spend the time to do this, you’d better begin looking for another cleaning service. Telltale signs that your maintenance crew is under-performing include dust on baseboards, cobwebs behind doorjambs, as well as paperclips or staples in the carpet.



The second step to better performance is developing a customized maintenance strategy and quick response plan. Such a plan should be based on the different traffic patterns in your facility. Some areas may need frequent cleaning, while others may only require occasional service to keep carpet looking its best.



Step three is making certain you’re receiving the most effective cleaning for your budget. If you can easily distinguish the primary traffic lanes in your facility just by looking at the carpet, your maintenance plan isn’t working. Un-removed dirt is highly abrasive to carpet fibers. And, should your maintenance crew use a wet cleaning method, water will only amplify the problem.

Other traits of wet cleaning include heavy chemical odors, soil marks on carpet edges, and rippling or buckling. It’s actually possible to over-clean your carpet. Over frequency can lead to premature deterioration.

Some companies utilize an advanced polymer-based dry cleaning technology, which clings to soil, stains, allergens, and odor sources that then are vacuumed completely away, leaving the carpet clean, dry, and odor-free.



Fourth to better maintenance is completely understanding the types of treatments used by your cleaning crew and making certain they are applied properly. Every facility manager should establish an environmental benchmark. To do so, you’ll need a complete list of chemicals, where they are used, and which, if any, are volatile. You’ll also want to be assured that the cleaning crew is properly trained and continually updated on new practices.



And, the final step is ensuring a healthy work environment for the facility’s workforce. Anything heavier than air will wind up in your carpet. When combined with moisture, residue can form a biological “sink” that allows microbials and related allergens to grow more rapidly.

To combat this, the best weapon is daily vacuuming and scheduled maintenance. You not only want to remove unwanted microbials and allergens from your carpet, but keep them from coming back.”


As published in BUILDINGS Magazine – November 2002 (Stephen Lewis)



Mark Kelsey and his team are professional, courteous and fastidious about their cleaning. We recently discovered water penetration and dangerous levels of mold requiring the evacuation of our home. Kelsey’s Cleaning & Water Restoration rushed to our home within hours of the mold test results, placing their HEPA air scrubbers to begin the cleaning process. They cleaned everything top to bottom with incredible detail – even scrubbing individual books and our son’s toys – quickly but efficiently so that we could move back into our home as soon as possible. We were very pleased to see the clearance mold tests showed a near-hospital sterile environment. We are confident that we have a healthy home thanks to Kelsey’s, and would be happy to recommend them to anyone facing issues similar to ours.

Jim, Erin & Jay Novak
Sioux Falls, SD

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